Mix It Up!

Bring in: Friday July 28 – 11 am – 4 pm

Saturday, July 29 – 11 am – 4 pm

Sunday, July 30 – 1 pm – 4 pm



Download application and rules here Mixed-Media-Brochure



Mixed and Other Media

Join us for a great exhibition by some of our favorite artists!

Mixed Media is just what it sounds like; a highly creative combining of skilled techniques in two or more media into a single object. Other Media – 3D art, digitally created art, collages, mosaics, and unconventional media (to include fiber, fabric, found objects, etc.) Other categories include Beads, Ceramics, Collage, Fabric, Fiber Art—decorative and wearable, Furniture, Glass, Jewelry, Leather, Metal, Pottery, Sculpture, Stone, Wood, Paper, Printmaking, Cut paper, Paper constructions, etc.

Digitally Created Art – created art must be wholly created using digital tools, including AI apps. If it contains a photograph that must be a minor part of the work unless it is extremely heavily collaged or manipulated sufficiently to be a new image. Any image that uses an artificial intelligence app should be considered digitally created.

3D – any sculpture or work that protrudes significantly from the surface.

Collage – work that are a combination of paper and other fairly flat objects, usually also including paint.

Unconventional media – can be anything that is used in an unusual way to create a unique object. Fiber and fabric must not be used in a functional way that would be considered a craft. These might also fit the 3D category.

We want each artist to think of this show as an opportunity to showcase their process and perhaps give more of an in-depth perspective as to the ‘why’ behind their art.  Anyone can submit their work. We encourage you to attend the reception so that the audience may meet the creators and learn about the methods used to make these one-of-a-kind works.


July 1 – 29, 2024

Reception – July 13, 1 pm – 4 pm

1. Work must be original.

2. Attach completed labels to the back upper right hand corner of framed pieces and the base of three dimensional works.

3. All hanging artwork must be suitably wired, ready to hang. Hanging a framed piece of art on the wall with wire requires two hooks called D-rings to be installed on the back of the picture frame. A picture hanging wire is strung between the D-rings with enough slack so that the picture hangs comfortably. Any dirty or damaged entries, saw tooth hangers, or work deemed too fragile will not be accepted.

4. 3-d works that are extremely fragile, very small, that have a very small bottom/base, are unstable, or do not sit flat on a pedestal will not be accepted.

Do not submit any 3-d artwork that will not fully sit flat/level on pedestal or other display surface. 

NO ceiling installed work, this includes installation works.

5. The maximum size allowance for each piece is approximately 40 inches by 40 inches, and must weigh less than 30 pounds. If your piece is larger than this, please provide image of it and description prior to entering to smaasidney@gmail.com.

6. Entries must be priced to sell. Any entry obviously overpriced will not be accepted. Sidney Museum and Arts Association will be responsible for all sales and collection of money.

7. Sidney Museum and Arts Association assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to submitted entries. Every precaution will be taken.

8. Sidney Museum and Arts Association reserves the right to not exhibit any entry.

9. Artist must bring receipt and pick up own work or have signed release on file identifying person picking up artwork. ID will be required.