Judge:  J. Louis King

Important Dates:

Gallery open Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm and Sundays 1 pm to 4 pm and most Thursdays from 11 am to 4pm or by appointment

Reception: June 18, 2022 1 pm to 4 pm
Pick up: June 26 – June 30 – by appointment10 am – 4 pm

Helen Norris Open Art Show

51st Annual Exhibition – May/June 2022

The Helen Norris Open Art Show (named for the first Gallery Manager, Helen Norris, after she retired in 1995) has been an annual event since the opening of the Sidney Art Gallery in the early years of the Sidney Museum and Arts Association (1972).  The importance of The Helen Norris Open Art Show is three fold:

  • to provide a venue for artists to compete/exhibit/sell their art work
  • to bring together an outstanding exhibit of art brought by the overwhelming amount of participants
  • to teach the beginning artist as well as the public about what goes into creating, presenting, and selling fine art.

The show hosts a different judge every year. During the artists’ reception the judge critiques the first place winners, giving the reasons for picking these particular pieces thereby educating those present in what to look for in fine art.   As last year, we plan to video the show and the judge and post online.  We are hoping for good weather and an outside reception in June.  The judge will have his own show at the Sidney Gallery in June of 2023. 

First Place Winners of each category in the Helen Norris Open Art Show are invited to the Winners’ Circle in January of the next year.

May 1 – June 30, 2022

Click on the tab for the entries in each category

3d Mixed Media

1st Place

Barbara Bourscheidt – Fern Platter

2nd Place

Dan Spence – Dragonfly – Fused Glass & Mechanical parts


1st Place

Shirley Sakatani – Honey

2nd Place

Dianne Gardner – Fields of Peace

3rd Place

William Walcott – A New Beginning

Honorable Mention

Dianne Gardner – Making Waves
Rose Guastella – Summer Dahlia
Anne Peters – Snarling Tiger

Also Participating

Roy Carr

Connie Dandurand

Janice Krieger

Crystal LaDue

Kim Spence

Christine Thompson

Victoria Tierney

Shelly Wilkerson



1st Place

Sherry Beck – Dragonfly Garden

2nd Place

Elissa Whittleton – SKOK Valley High Water

3rd Place

Anna Hower – Unnamed Path

Honorable Mention

Anna Hower – Shades of Monet
Jane Krause – Rufous Hummingbird

Also Participating

Irene Bergsagel

Rachel Brown

Susan Giles

Barbara Grahn

Ernie Shriner



Mixed Media

1st Place

Ben Butcher – Seven 

2nd Place

Maria Amburn – Flames – Paper, paint

3rd Place

Victoria Tierney – 3rd Place – Corona Eclipse- Fabric, thread, paper, words

Honorable Mention

Davis Lewis – Days Catch – Plaster, paint, fabric

Also Participating

Lizbeth Bayliss

Shelly Wilkerson




1st Place

Glen Wilkerson – Northhead Lighthouse

2nd Place

Nick Whittleton – Sunset Rays

3rd Place

Glen Wilkerson – Power of the Ocean

Honorable Mention

Nick Whittleton – Winter Vista

Also Participating

Russell Hauenstein

E. Faithe Lester



1st Place

Elissa Whittleton – Phoenix Raising – colored pencil

2nd Place

Mike Steffensrud – City – colored pencil

3rd Place

William Walcott – Reflections IV– colored pencil

Honorable Mention

Janette Stiles – Honorable Mention – MacGuffin, Tirol Stone Sheep – colored pencil 

Other Participants

Maria Amburn

Jessica Parker


Ben Butcher – Seven – Mixed Media

Connie Dandurand – “Finding Peace”

Video courtesy of Rose Guastella