Featured Show July-August 2021

Amy  Burnett:  Isolation – Artist Behind Glass

The exhibit’s theme represents the feelings of isolation caused by COVID-19 restriction demands.  Each of the 27 paintings are of one person – the artist’s expressions while trapped in walk-by display windows.  

Amy shared a story of her interaction with the Sidney Art Gallery over time.  She moved back to Bremerton from Seattle in the ’70s and was soon involved with the South Kitsap Artists, Brad Buskirk’s Manette gallery and Viking Fest, and soon took notice of the Sidney Gallery in Pot Orchard.  The director at the time was Helen Norris, who would soon become a best friend to Amy and in the late ’80s surprised her by turning up at a feature art opening in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

It’s a show like I have never created before. — Amy Burnett