A Short History About The Sidney Museum and Arts Association

In January 1971, twenty South Kitsap County women came together to form a non-profit organization called the Sidney Association. Their common interests and goals were to save historic buildings and records and to establish an exhibition and sales outlet for artists.

The Log Cabin - 1971

In June 1971, the association purchased the log cabin located at 416 Sidney Ave. for restoration and use as a museum. It is still owned by the Sidney Museum and Arts Association (SMAA) and is open to the public for tours during the summer months. It features the Orchard family, a family of mannequins, in daily life and contains many artifacts from pioneer times to the present.

The Masonic Hall - 1972

In 1972, SMAA purchased the 1908 Masonic Hall building located at 202 Sidney Avenue to be used as an educational art center. This building now houses a museum on the second floor that displays vignettes of the early days of South Kitsap County and includes a general store, school, doctor’s office and hardware store. The first floor is an art gallery featuring local Northwest art for sale.

The Sidney Hotel - 1973

During this time, SMAA worked on getting the 1893 Sidney Hotel on the National Register of Historic Places. In the spring of 1973, a letter was received from Washington, D.C. stating that the Sidney Hotel was a National Historic Site. In 1975, SMAA purchased the Sidney Hotel and began a renovation project. In 1980, the hotel was sold by the association. An arson fire caused it to burn down in 1985.

National Historic Register

In 2010, the Sidney Museum and Art Gallery building was added to the Washington Heritage Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic Places. It currently is the only building in the City of Port Orchard to hold that designation.

Our Board

The Board of Directors is elected annually at the membership meeting, generally held on the last Saturday of November.  The officers are elected by the Board at its next regular meeting.  The regular meetings of the Board of Directors are held on the second Thursday of each month generally via Zoom.

Luella Hauenstein, President

Victoria Tierney, Vice-President

Sally Shuster, Secretary

Christine Stansbery, Treasurer

Michael Tebow

David Hauenstein

Nick Whittleton

Maria Amburn

Marty Kramer


Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is simple. We are dedicated to preserving local history and promoting artists and fine art. The Sidney Museum and Arts Association promotes private and public interest in the history of Port Orchard and surrounding areas, as well as encourages interest in many forms of art with special focus on the works of Puget Sound and Northwest artists. We provide and support instruction and education in cultural enrichment both in the history of the South Kitsap area and in the arts.

The association also fosters the care and appreciation of historic buildings in the Port Orchard area with repairs, maintenance and preservation, and education in the value of their historic significance. Sharing this knowledge perpetuates the cultural importance of history and art.