Classroom Tours and Historic Presentations

Our Director of Museums, Mary Peterson, will arrange a tour for individuals or classrooms at the Log Cabin Museum or at the Sidney Museum.  She will bring artifacts to your classroom or event or facility and talk about the history of Kitsap County and show items used from long ago. Contact Mary Peterson for more information or to set a date.

Scholarship Information

The Sidney Museum and Arts Association provides students with the opportunity to win a scholarship.  See more . . .

Student Show

One of the primary purposes Sidney Museum and Arts Association is not only recognizing but encouraging students who might want to embrace an career each year.   See more. . .

Kids Art Corner

The gallery has set aside a space to hang kids unframed artwork on a bulletin board for visitors to enjoy.  We have already received ink drawings, coloring pictures, melted crayon watercolor paintings, etc.  We like to put the budding artists' names on the board.  The artwork is not returned and keeps hanging until someone else brings in a new piece or artwork.   See more . . .